28 November 2011 Letter from Elder Jolly

Dear Family,

So to start out sadly Michael didn't get baptized. He has a Bipolar disorder and his health tanked and he just didn't have the desire anymore. Oh well. I will try and get a letter out to Jeremy today, we will see what happens though. Food joint wise there is a little bit of everything, we of course have a Carls Jr. We have McDonald's, Papa Murphy's, Papa Johns, a Panda Express, a bunch of buffets. Just a whole bunch of places that are good to eat at.

Well I can't exactly answer completely what our area boundaries are but I know it goes from the I-5 all the way out to the middle of nowhere. It's a big area considering we are the only missionaries that have a car except for the ZL's.

Oh the Christmas Question, well me and Elder Manwill were discussing this a bit, we actually on P-days play some Risk with the other Elders in our district and we were thinking that to get another strategy board game would be fun to have so on holidays if they don't want us out of our areas we can sit down and play that, when we can't go Tracting. So, (this is just wishing) we thought it would be cool if we could get Axis and Allies to play then and on P-days just to spice it up a bit. :D Besides that just simple office supplies will suffice, like post-it notes, note cards, three ring hole punch, just stuff like that, and ties are always nice to get. I really don't know what to ask for so I'm just going off of the top of my head, I guess some extra cash is always nice to have. I have heard the owner of a pretty nice clothing store will sell $30 ties to missionaries for like $5 dollars and I guess to elders got $500 suits for only $100 dollars I thought that was pretty nice of them. But I guess just whatever you think could be useful. Oh actually a Jacket that could cover my suit and has a hood would be really nice. If I think of anything else I'll write it down and tell you next week.

The questions about my comp I'm not totally sure about I'll get those to you next week.

With the picture that you said looked like I had a black eye I couldn't tell you why, it might just be like you said a printing error I don't really know. And with mail and such I have heard it takes around three days to get here, I will have to check on the package you sent me to get you a sure answer.

Now Shelly, we went over there last night and taught her, she said she doesn't feel like she is ready, but the date we set was really just a goal so we will continue to work with her. She just needs to continue to read the Book of Mormon that's the heart of the problem.

I thought in my last email I said I saw Elder Friend, so yes I did see him for a bit, we said hi and talked for a little bit, I should be able to see him again at the Christmas party so that should be fun.

So Thanksgiving, it was pretty fun we ate with just one family and most of the stuff I was familiar with, but they had homemade stuffing which was really good, they also had cheesy potatoes, yum!! We actually still have some in the fridge, I love that stuff, after we had been there for 4 hours we just went back to the apartment and relaxed since we couldn't do anything that day.

Don't worry about my comp, we have been doing alot better at getting up on time, I think it was just that, that week was crazy and hectic, and we really didn't know what was going on, but he is a great guy, and a really good trainer. Just so you know they give the trainers a whole packet on what they are supposed to do so it is laid out for them and they give the missionary's they are training a packet as well. The first time trainers also get to go to a leadership meeting as well so don't freak out. The ZL's also go on exchanges just to make sure everything is going well, and our District leader we will be doing the same thing the next week. so again don't worry!!

So I hope I answered your questions, I can't say much really has happened this week, we have just done some tracting mostly, my knee is doing well. It actually bothers me more when I am in church for 6 hours and sitting then walking and such. I sadly still can't run though :( so that's no fun. I will tell you we do have a potential investigator that's seems quite interested. We had a Book of Mormon for her and before we told her it was her's she asked if she could get it at the library. I guess that's a good sign right there.

Well tell everyone thanks for all the candy and letters and such in the package they were fun to get. Letters are always fun to have. Love ya all,

Elder Jolly

Dad's Thoughts

Board Games! Now why didn't I think of that for P-Days? Of course, Axis and Allies is quite a chunk of board game to be moving around with during transfers. Sounds like a good Monday evening conversation to have here at the Jolly Ranch.

I am sad to see he has had a setback with Michael. There is nothing more troubling to the adversary than to have a person increase in faith, and he will work extra hard to discourage that person from making life-changing choices. I just hope Elder Jolly and Manwill can help The Spirit find a place in Michael's life. Nothing else will help.

Finally, it's good to see Elder Jolly discover the power of The Book of Mormon. Reading it, with a willingness to discover it's truthfulness, is a certain way to bring the confirming witness of The Spirit into a persons life.

Just a reminder to all of you gentle readers, “Letters are always fun to have.” This is especially true during the holiday season. So get to writing!

As always, the above letter has been touched-up grammatically for readability. In order to preserve the original meaning of the letter, I will be posing the original letters, warts and all.