Email from 21 November 2011

Dear Family,

Well I will start out with most of the questions from your first response, and try my best to answer your questions. When I got off the plane and such the President and Sister Morby where there to pick me up, I got close to a whole 24 hours with them by myself pretty much. They are really nice and so far that I have heard everyone loves them. After they picked me up we went to a Baptism that they thought was at 6:00 put it was really at 5:30 I felt really bad for them but it was fun to meet some of the Missionary's.

So my Comp Elder Manwill (and you way Man-well) He is from Midvale Utah so not anywhere really different, He has been out 9 months and such, and we get along very well which is really good.

Just to clear things up my Mailing address is: Removed, use address at previous link Tigard, Or 97224

Last time I forgot the D in Tigard, silly me, but you can send mail to that address or the mission home they will just forward it to me so it will take a little longer so whatever you choose to do it will work.

I saw most of my MTC District at the Trasfer meeting all but one Elder Kefu, they were quite excited to see me as was I to see them. Elder Parslow one of the Elders that was in the same room with me at the MTC I guess his trainer told me he would ask him all the time if he knew when I would be coming out, I thought that was kinda funny. I had to actually introduce myself to Elder Orchard he didn't recognize me, but I didn't really think he would so no surprise there.

Its pretty nuts, so we are over two wards and for dinner we are pretty much booked till the end of the year!! The ward members are really nice and they are quite funny. Just so you know the ward names are the Tigard 2nd and Bullmountain wards, they're awesome from what I have seen so far. I can say though that 6 hours of church is quite tedious thats for sure.

So I have been pretty much dropped into two baptisms, that always feels good, I actually on my 2nd day got to give the invite to a guy named Micheal and he said yes, so its nice to feel like I actually was a part of that one. Micheal is getting baptized on the 26 and then a lady named Shelly has a date for the 3rd of December. She is just scared of getting a calling, talking in church, and praying out loud which I'm pretty sure are the same fears a lot of members have.

So I have seen Zac I guess he hasn't been doing to well, President Morby wanted to talk with him at a meeting we had for all the new missionary's and there trainers but I was not able to catch him, I really hope he is doing alright, but I really don't know whats going on there.

I think it has been a little bit harder just being thrown out here from home and not the MTC, but mostly from the teaching stand point. My comp still has trouble getting up at 6:30 so I don't feel all that bad, and we both have dozed off before during personal study :P

So Elder Sadlers Brother is in the Eugene Oregon mission not Portland, he is close but no banana.

Its good to hear that Garret is enjoying the MTC, It was fun once you got the hang of it and I would gladly go back, I just don't want to eat there food thats the only drawback there.

Its good to here that you are FINALLY done with the wedding, you need to take a break for like a whole month!!

For thanksgiving we had dinner with a family and some has also invited us over for pie. I'm pretty sure if we really wanted to we could have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with members, they love to give us food and such. We actually have a half gallon of Ice cream they didn't use for a young womens thingy they did the other night and we happened to be at the church that night.

So I can't give you the best time that I email but it will be on Mondays since its our P-day and probably around noon or such, so who knows.

Oh I forgot it always seems that when we are in meetings the sun will come out and then when we get out of meetings it starts to rain, I think Oregon hates us!! But I will have to say that I love the soft mist and such, I will have to send some pictures from when we are out Tracting it is Beautiful!!

Well I can feel for you being sick and such, I don't know if it has been the cold I have had for awhile or if some allergies and such have attacked me but I have had a runny nose, and coughing and sneezing a bunch, but its not all that bad, don't worry about it. I guess I need some Vitamin D I think they said like 2000 mg I was quite surprised when they said that, so that would be awesome to have if you can if not I'll just grab some at a local store of something.

I think that I would actually enjoy a copy of that reinstatement paper just so I can see it and such. Oh and I realized that I forgot to take those stamps dad got for me so if you could send those that would be great.

Well I love you guys, and have a great Thanksgiving. If you want you can read this to the family up in Idaho and such since if I sent a letter it wouldn't get there in time. I just know I'm having a great time up here.

,Elder Jolly

Thoughts from Dad

Please note that this is a slightly modified version of Tyler's email, per his request. There are still some punctuation and grammatical errors that I am not sure how to correctly edit without losing the feeling of the email. I only corrected obvious errors that hampered readability.

How very exciting to see that he already has the chance to participate in a baptism. I hope he can carry that excitement throughout his mission. I'm glad to hear he will be well taken care of for the Thanksgiving holiday. I suspect if he eats this way throughout his mission, he'll come back twice the man he was when he left. ;-)

I cannot say I am surprised that he is having problems staying awake during morning personal study. Elder Jolly was not convinced that he needed to practice getting up early in the morning while he was recovering at home. I hope that he gets into the habit of getting up early and staying up.

As always, I encourage everyone to send Tyler a nice letter encouraging him to excel. His snail-mail address is found on his front page (at least as long as the USPS stays in business). This also includes any holiday packages you wish to send. Feel free to reference information from this email. I'm certain he will appreciate everything that he receives.

Until next time, Dad.