Email dated 14 November 2011

Well I'm here in Oregon safe and sound. My P-days are on Monday just so you know, and my mailing address is removed Tigar Oregon, 97224. Its nice and rainy here and the temperature is perfect. I will have to say that I am a little overwhelmed thats for sure, but I can't say I am homesick at least not yet.

With my flight I was lucky enough to be able to get a seat on the right side of the plane on the end in the emergency exit seats, so I had lots of leg room. It was hard to try and take a quick nap though. I was able to see Elder Orchard today, I stumbled across him, and I saw most of the guys that where in my MTC District, It was really fun to see them thats for sure.

Well I'm told that I am in a great area (I will have to get you the name later I can't quite remember I'm exhausted) which is always good and I am in a car for now. I guess that 2/3rds of the mission uses cars and only a 3rd is biking I guess thats always good especially in the winter.

My comps name is Elder Manwill he seems like a nice guy, he enjoys music like I do which is always good. He says its his first time training so we will see what happens.

I hope everything is fine with you guys, I will try and send a weekly E-mail but who knows right now, we will see.

Love ya,

Elder Jolly

Thoughts from Dad

We are all happy that he arrived safely. I have posted a few links to pictures on his main page that show him studious and hungry. Today (16 Nov.) we shipped a box of his stuff via USPS that didn't fit into his suitcases. Once he receives that, he should be a complete missionary.

We're proud of our Elder and keep him in our prayers. We hope you will do the same.