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 +  8/9/11
 +  ​
 +  Dear Family,
 +  ​
 +  Thanks for all the letters and goodies. I'm
 +  opening only one of the presents a night. :)
 +    Well my first week in the mtc has been
 +  an interesting one, I will say the first
 +  four days where the hardest four days ever!!!
 +    I thought that drum camp for
 +  the winter drumline was hard, it
 +  didn't even compare. I would have
 +  to say that it was miserable. I don't
 +  think even starting to wake up at
 +  6:30 the week before I went in would
 +  have helped at all. The mtc is
 +  missionary bootcamp, there is no douby
 +  about it at all.
 +    After Sunday though it has
 +  gotten alot better, the food here isn't
 +  a laxative anymore, but oh boy does it
 +  give ya gas!!! I'm not as tired as
 +  I use to be, and me and my comp
 +  have gotten really good at teaching by
 +  the seat of our pants, thank goodness
 +  for the spirit!!
 +    Well I forgot to tell you in
 +  the last letter but my comp's name
 +  is Elder Friend. He is a really
 +  good guy, and we get along very
 +  well. He himself is a convert to the
 +  church and that helps alot when we
 +  are teaching. The two other guys that
 +  I room with is Elder Aki and
 +  Elder Parslew all of them are going to
 +  Portland. There are 12 guys in total in
 +  our district 7 of them are going to Portland
 +  the othe five are going to Orlando and in
 +  another district there are 6 more going
 +  to Portland as well. So you where
 +  right mom there are 15 guys going
 +  to portland.
 +    So how is everything going
 +  at home? Anything interesting happening?
 +    If you want to tell my friends
 +  that its nice to get mail, (wink, wink,
 +  nudge, nudge) and its kinda of hard
 +  to write letters to people that I
 +  don't have addresses for. :P
 +    If you could get me [redacted]
 +  [redacted]
 +  [redacted] please. :)
 +  and if you want to send some pics of the
 +  family that would be great.
 +    Well one week down two
 +  more to go. I'll try to write
 +  twice a week, but there will be one
 +  letter for sure, and then I can
 +  e-mail on wednesdays.
 +    Its going great and I hope
 +  it will get better.
 +  ​
 +    Love ya,
 +      Elder Jolly
 +=== Dad's Notes ===
 +Two pages! Again, Mom and Dad were in Orlando, but Aaron knew what to do. Scan and email.
 +I simply love the Elder Jolly/​Friend companionship,​ it seems inspired. But aside from the nifty name combination,​ it appears Our Fine Elder has begun to feel the spirit of the calling. Of course everyone who has ever been through the MTC will nod sagely at the digestive comment. Good luck with that, Elder Jolly!
 +I'm glad to hear that it only took four days to adjust to the rigorous schedule of the MTC. Although I'm not certain how to take the last comment that he "​hope[s] it will get better."​ I have faith that he will fall into the calling and The Spirit will become an addiction.
 +Yes, I know there are grammatical errors and spelling errors. Why should I be correcting him now?