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 +  8-04-11
 +  ​
 +  Dear Family,
 +    So far the MTC has been great.
 +  Whenever we sing a song in large
 +  groups the Spirit is so strong you
 +  could cut it with a knife.
 +    I found out yesterday that I
 +  forgot a toothbrush. I felt like
 +  such and idiot! I think that I
 +  might have left Preach My gospel
 +  and that paper with the Priesthood
 +  line of Authority. I really thought ​
 +  that I packed it, but I guess
 +  I didn'​t.
 +    Well my P-days are on wednesday
 +  so I won't be able to e-mail till
 +  then.
 +    Happy Birthday Mom, I hope
 +  you have a great B-day.
 +    I hope you get this before you
 +  leave but if you don't Aaron
 +  could you e-mail this to Mom + Dad.
 +    So I guess that I am missing
 +  some dates on my Immunization
 +  Record. The pink paper has all
 +  the info you will need.
 +  ​
 +  love ya,
 +    Elder Jolly
 +=== Dad's Notes ===
 +First letter that came while Lisa and I were in Orlando, Florida. Aaron was nice enough to scan the letter and send it via email. We have been told that every missionary is instructed to write home on the first day in the MTC. It's clear Elder Jolly is simply trying to take care of some basic needs and hasn't had much experience yet.
 +I plan to submit each of these letters just as I receive them, warts and all. If there is sensitive information I will remove it, but otherwise I want the letter just as our good Elder has sent it.