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blog:jjolly:religion_and_government_-_my_take: 5 Hits
law. If I expected that, I would be a church of one person. Wonders of wonders, though, we still man... they were the most reasoned responses, except in one particular point. They repeatedly stated that At... nce of God. The simple fact is everyone believes one way or the other. This is because no one has conclusive proof that God does or does not exist. First
tyler:letters:2011:08:10: 4 Hits
r all the letters and goodies. I'm opening only one of the presents a night. :) Well my first week in the mtc has been an interesting one, I will say the first four days where the harde... ics of the family that would be great. Well one week down two more to go. I'll try to write twice a week, but there will be one letter for sure, and then I can e-mail on wed
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ink points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, too. Do... k points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, too. ====... ll automatically add them as alternatives so that one of the three files is understood by your browser.... cells) by adding '':::'' into the cells below the one to which they should connect. ^ Heading 1 ^
jjolly:linux:install:net: 3 Hits
a partition where they can be found by GRUB. The one problem you may face is if the only partition ava... do well with NTFS, so you’ll want to resize your one partition and create a new partition using the FA... the screen on my HP Compaq 6715b all screwed up. One line in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file needed to be
blog:jjolly:t-mobile_doesn_t_want_my_money: 3 Hits
rogramming the correct logic to move numbers from one database to another - this seemed worse than inco... an ignorant body in a suit. Well, as I am never one to accept policy-based inanities, I decided to ca... ewing with T-Mobile in May. I really want to get one of those MyTouch phones to play with. Now I'm lo
tyler:letters:2011:11:21: 3 Hits
of my MTC District at the Trasfer meeting all but one Elder Kefu, they were quite excited to see me as was I to see them. Elder Parslow one of the Elders that was in the same room with me a... s nice to feel like I actually was a part of that one. Micheal is getting baptized on the 26 and then a
blog:jjolly:only_because_i_could: 2 Hits
ous act of slothfulness. So, here's what I did. One LC3 register was maintained for the original nume... DIVSIGN ADD R2, R2, R2 ; Shift mask left and add one ADD R2, R2, #1 ADD R0, R0, R0 ; Shift the quoti
blog:jjolly:windows_xp_update_kills: 2 Hits
to me and after a quick check it was obvious that one or more key files for the OS were gone. Specific... f the patching process. Overall, each patch took one to two hours. Then I was silly enough to attempt
blog:jjolly:mars_the_god_of_war: 2 Hits
it's perihelic opposition to the Earth. We have one coming up soon. On 27 January 2010 Mars will com... ome of the math involved. Seems I'm not the only one obsessed with astronomical trivia. {{tag>astrono
jjolly:stars:visible_planets: 1 Hits
Only about half the size of our Earth, and about one third the gravity, Mars is cold and red. But it i
jjolly:family:adams:larry: 1 Hits
bulous Destinations belting out the oldies during one of their sets at the Dane G. Hansen Arts & Crafts
wiki:welcome: 1 Hits
in contact with other DokuWiki users and is just one of the many ways to get [[doku>faq:support|suppor
blog:jjolly:tyler_s_weber_march_up_on_youtube: 1 Hits
I have many regrets about my childhood, but that one probably stands out the most. I still wish I cou
tyler:letters:2011:11:28: 1 Hits
Thanksgiving, it was pretty fun we ate with just one family and most of the stuff I was familiar with,
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