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l-reasoned position. It's the comments that have me all bothered. There really is two sides to the c... but the fact that they are the minority disturbs me. And thus I must speak. === Religious Right ===... know that title will get lots of people angry at me. It's screamed as an epithet and primarily used ... plain why I feel such enmity with them. Now, let me be clear. I am a religious man. My beliefs are
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he President and Sister Morby where there to pick me up, I got close to a whole 24 hours with them by ... have heard everyone loves them. After they picked me up we went to a Baptism that they thought was at ... 97224 Last time I forgot the D in Tigard, silly me, but you can send mail to that address or the mission home they will just forward it to me so it will take a little longer so whatever you c
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I certainly wouldn't be much help if they asked me to replace a head gasket for them. The machine was brought to me and after a quick check it was obvious that one o... fically vgaoem.fon was not available, which tells me that something chewed-up and spit-out the system ... nd a restore, the system booted and was ready for me to bring it up to date. Now, I said that last se
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omething cool and (gasp) haven’t shared. Shame on me. This trick is called : Installing SUSE Linux wi... ark Magic === I have two major problems ahead of me, though. I have to get my installer to work throu... via the TUI installer. This isn’t a big deal for me, as I am a console man anyway, but if you’re expe... aller wouldn’t fail to configure my GUI, allowing me to configure and fix the problem once the install
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is one person in the UK in particular that sends me lots of messages. I've told them I'm not the righ... hare these. The text of the message means less to me than the actual pictures themselves. I am posting... better identify any of these images, please email me. {{:jjolly:misc:images:pathimage01.jpg|}} Clear... es:pathimage08.jpg|}} Looks like a long drive to me. No idea where this could be. ---- {{:jjolly:mi
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global communications network exists that allows me to communicate to almost anyone, almost anywhere.... the boy. September rolled around and he informed me that the phone was running dry of available minut... ansferred to a T-Mobile account. To someone like me - where it's a simple matter of programming the c... ... ahh, transfer my number. Verizon even tells me the number is portable. So now what is going to
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while living in Pleasant Grove. It just came to me one Halloween. Sung to the tune of Popcorn Poppi... what did I see? Two Green Eyes staring back at me. But I nearly fainted right away with surprise ... could run away, but it'd do no good He'll chase me all through the neighborhood. If I'm not fast enough, he'll make a meal of me, Those Two Green Eyes staring back at me. I kn
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{{:jjolly:john_eiffel.jpg?100 |Me on Notre Dame with The Eiffel Tower in the background}}====== John J... ame John Jolly? Want to add your own stuff. Let me know. FIXME:I really should put contact info here. Here's a few of the things that interest me: * [[jjolly:family|My Family]] - My lovely lady
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in my list of arithmetic operators. This stymied me for a while, until last night when I was reminded... the bits that had been rotated. This would allow me to subtract the denominator from only the rotated... /08f.306/LabAssignments/Lab1/index.html|providing me the information]] for my [[http://i281.photobucke
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pt for the ZL's. Oh the Christmas Question, well me and Elder Manwill were discussing this a bit, we ... ere, I will have to check on the package you sent me to get you a sure answer. Now Shelly, we went ov... ostly, my knee is doing well. It actually bothers me more when I am in church for 6 hours and sitting
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utenberg. You don't like that your coworker used me on that note about stealing her yogurt from the b... , and lighten the freak up for once. People love me. Why? Because I'm fun. I'm the life of the party.... n Honda Civic against Tokyo gangsters who'll kill me if I don't cross the finish line first. I am a sa
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fed animal they had named "Hoppy" and it reminded me... When I was 9 or 10 my years-old my Uncle Marv... s a monster. I didn't walk the dog ... it walked me. During our irregular outings, I would attempt t... n Shepherd got into a fight with another dog with me attached to the leash. Whenever I was asked (edi
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or the ZL's. Oh the Christmas Question, well me and Elder Manwill where discussing this a bit, ... ere, I will have to check on the package you sent me to get you a sure answer. Now Shelly, we w... tly, my knee is doing well. It actually bothers me more when I am in church for 6 hours and sitting
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ohn Jolly. It has been altogether too selfish of me, hogging this domain name all to myself. Now if ... not charging or putting up ads or anything. Send me an email and I'll get you an account. So there y
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