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==== Elder Tyler Jolly's Mission Page ==== Currently Elder Jolly is in the mission field and will happily accept all letters and packages at: Elder John Tyler Jolly 1400 NW Compton Drive STE 250 Beaverton, OR ... === I will be posting letter received from Elder Jolly here. * [[tyler:letters:2011:08:10|10 August 2
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==== 28 November 2011 Letter from Elder Jolly ==== Dear Family, So to start out sadly Michael didn't ge... tters are always fun to have. Love ya all, Elder Jolly === Dad's Thoughts === Board Games! Now why didn... d Monday evening conversation to have here at the Jolly Ranch. I am sad to see he has had a setback with... m making life-changing choices. I just hope Elder Jolly and Manwill can help The Spirit find a place in M
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h The Eiffel Tower in the background}}====== John Jolly in Spanish Fork, Utah ====== {{ :jjolly:spike_a... rom Cowboy Bebop}}I am the owner of [[|]] and maintainer of this site. Is your name John Jolly? Want to add your own stuff. Let me know. FIXM
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====== The John Jolly Wiki ====== Yet again, I've changed what I'm doing with this website. Now I'm making it more of a universal page for John Jolly's everywhere. Want to create your own content? ... me and I'll set you up. Here's the list of John Jolly's on this site: * [[jjolly|John in Spanish For... m August 2011 to October 2013 * [[tyler|Elder Jolly]] had knee surgery on 30 August 2011 and has rest
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it will get better. Love ya, Elder Jolly === Dad's Notes === Two pages! Again, Mom and Da... t to do. Scan and email. I simply love the Elder Jolly/Friend companionship, it seems inspired. But asid... the digestive comment. Good luck with that, Elder Jolly! I'm glad to hear that it only took four days to
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==== Elder Jolly's Mission Timeline ==== * 3 Aug 2011 - Enters MTC - Companion: Elder Friend * 18 A... ug 2011 - Elder Friend leaves for Portland, Elder Jolly stays at the MTC * 30 Aug 2011 - Knee surgery a... or recovery * 13 Nov 2011 - Fully healed, Elder Jolly flies to Portland, stays a day with President and
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hat I am opening up the wiki to anyone named John Jolly. It has been altogether too selfish of me, hoggi... ain name all to myself. Now if your name is John Jolly, you can create content under your domain name.
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of emails from well-meaning people to other "John Jolly"s throughout the world. There is one person in th... f messages. I've told them I'm not the right John Jolly, but they haven't gotten the hint, yet. Nonethel
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==== Original Letter from Elder Jolly on 28 November 2011 ==== Dear Family, So to start out sadly... n to get. Letters are always fun to have. Love ya all, Elder Jolly
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ust know I'm having a great time up here. ,Elder Jolly === Thoughts from Dad === Please note that this ... taying awake during morning personal study. Elder Jolly was not convinced that he needed to practice gett
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the info you will need. love ya, Elder Jolly === Dad's Notes === First letter that came while... ome on the first day in the MTC. It's clear Elder Jolly is simply trying to take care of some basic needs
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updated for June 2013-May 2014 * [[|Flash Orrery]] - Saw a GIF o
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ho knows right now, we will see. Love ya, Elder Jolly === Thoughts from Dad === We are all happy that
jjolly:misc:humor:comicsans: 1 Hits|MIKE LACHER]] - Language edited by John Jolly ---- Listen up. I know the crap you've been sayin