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dentify any of these images, please email me. {{:jjolly:misc:images:pathimage01.jpg|}} Clearly San Franc... probably could even identify the street ---- {{:jjolly:misc:images:pathimage02.jpg|}} Probably a lake i... magine the path existing near an ocean. ---- {{:jjolly:misc:images:pathimage03.jpg|}} Rather precarious... would have a heart-attack on this road. ---- {{:jjolly:misc:images:pathimage04.jpg|}} Lombard Street, S
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{{:jjolly:john_eiffel.jpg?100 |Me on Notre Dame with The Eiffel Tower in the background}}====== John Jolly in Spanish Fork, Utah ====== {{ :jjolly:spike_avatar.jpg|Spike Spiegle from Cowboy Bebop}... ere's a few of the things that interest me: * [[jjolly:family|My Family]] - My lovely lady and the four groaning boys * [[jjolly:church|Church Service]] - Notes about my work in
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Here are a few things I am goofing with: * [[jjolly:dev:git|GIT Resources]] - the version control used by the Linux Kernel Dev. Me likey. * [[jjolly:dev:svn|Subversion Resources]] - the 'other' vers... 's what all the non-kernel geeks are using. * [[jjolly:dev:autotools|Autotools Stuff]] - the (ugly) standard for building software on Linux * [[jjolly:dev:OFED|OpenFabrics Drivers]] - Kernel modules a
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of a few things here. Places I've Served: * [[jjolly:church:mission:waterloo|Waterloo, Iowa]] - Trained by Elder M'Kay McGrath. * [[jjolly:church:mission:cedar_falls|Cedar Falls, Iowa]] - Just a short time with Elder Dodd * [[jjolly:church:mission:osceola| Osceola, Iowa]] - Down so... that Graceland, silly), with Elder Barnard * [[jjolly:church:mission:des_moines|Des Moines, Iowa]] - In
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vice. Some of the things I have done are: * [[jjolly:church:mission|Mission to Iowa]] - Served from May 1988 to May 1990. * [[jjolly:church:callings|Church Callings]] - I've been ask... gs for The Church. This should cover a few * [[jjolly:church:temple|LDS Temples]] - Various thoughts and stuff about LDS Temples * [[jjolly:church:geneology|Family History]] - I'm certainly
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Odds and Ends that I want to keep track of * [[jjolly:misc:video|Digital Video]] - I like my video where I can control it. * [[jjolly:misc:books|Books]] - All about the books I love to read * [[jjolly:misc:humor|Humor]] - I like funny stuff. Funny to me. It may offend you. * [[jjolly:misc:images|Images]] - Pictures, art, and other i
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my work with the OpenFabrics OFED package. * [[jjolly:dev:ofed:deps|Dependencies]] - This is an ordered... st of dependencies within the OFED package. * [[jjolly:dev:ofed:build|Build Process]] - The OFED build p... ess is unique. This is where I explain it. * [[jjolly:dev:ofed:test|Testing Process]] - Sometimes you j
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time, I only blog what I'm up to, and provide [[:jjolly|links to the content]]. This was my set-up-DocuW... nd it wasn't too bad. I've decided to add [[blog:jjolly|blogging]] to the site, as well as normal wiki, j... d I'll try not to pollute my blog with too much [[jjolly:linux:install:net|technical babble]]. John {{ta
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* [[jjolly|John in Spanish Fork]] - [[blog:jjolly|His Blog]] ~~CLOUD~~
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Here's some of the imaginings of my heart: * [[jjolly:church:songs:winter|Whenever I See Snow]] - No song-of-a-bird for me. * [[jjolly:church:songs:green_eyes|Two Green Eyes Staring Ba
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have been poking around with the Arduino. * [[jjolly:dev:arduino:suse|Arduino on SuSE]] - Making the Arduino work with openSUSE * [[jjolly:dev:arduino:asm|Arduino Uno Assembly]] - Never sa
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e's the list of John Jolly's on this site: * [[jjolly|John in Spanish Fork, Utah]] * [[tyler|John Tyler]], the son of [[jjolly|John from Spanish Fork]] and serving in the [[htt
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stay in Novell all that more interesting. * [[jjolly:novell:serverdev|Server Development]] * [[jjolly:suse:suse|SUSE Development]]
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s I thought deserved saving for posterity. * [[jjolly:misc:humor:comicsans|I'm Comic Sans, Yutz.]] - Br... her]], cleaned up so my kids could read it. * [[jjolly:misc:humor:binaryshirt|Binary Shirt]] - My binary
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