Visible Planets

This is a list of visible planets and when they are visible throughout the next year. This list starts with September 2013…

  • Mercury - This little guy moves pretty quick. It takes a little less than 88 days to get around the sun.
    • Evening - You can see Mercury in the evening in September and October of 2013 and January, February, May, June, August, September and October of 2014
    • Morning - You can see Mercury in the morning in November and December of 2013 and February, March, April, June, July, October and November of 2014
  • Venus - Closest to the Earth in size and proximity, it also has an atmosphere that makes the surface too hot for life as we know it.
    • Evening - Find Venus in the evenings of September through December of 2013 and November and December of 2014
    • Morning - Venus becomes the Morning Star from January through October of 2014
  • Mars - Only about half the size of our Earth, and about one third the gravity, Mars is cold and red. But it is also a great place for research.
    • Evening - The Red Planet can be seen in the evenings from April through December of 2014
    • Morning - You can see Mars in the morning from September 2013 through April 2014
  • Jupiter - The largest planet of our Solar System, we recognize the large red spot that dominates the surface of this planet
    • Evening - See Jupiter in the evening from November 2013 through June 2014
    • Morning - Jupiter will be a morning planet from September 2013 through January 2014 and August through December 2014
  • Saturn - The butterscotch-colored planet with a very vibrant ring. This is my favorite planet to view through a telescope.
    • Evening - Saturn is visible in the evening in September 2013 and from March through September of 2014
    • Morning - See Saturn in the morning from December 2013 through July 2014