Path Images

I get lots of emails from well-meaning people to other “John Jolly”s throughout the world. There is one person in the UK in particular that sends me lots of messages. I've told them I'm not the right John Jolly, but they haven't gotten the hint, yet.

Nonetheless, today I got a very interesting set of pictures from them, and I really want to share these. The text of the message means less to me than the actual pictures themselves. I am posting the text of the message anyway for completeness.

If you can better identify any of these images, please email me.

Clearly San Francisco. A little time and I probably could even identify the street

Probably a lake in Europe. I can't imagine the path existing near an ocean.

Rather precarious. I'm pretty sure Lisa would have a heart-attack on this road.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Clearly engineered by the Path of Least Resistance Construction Company.

I would like to find myself reading a book along this train track. Simply peaceful.

I really want to know where to find this place. I would make the trip just to walk it.

Looks like a long drive to me. No idea where this could be.

European castle, I just have no idea where.

Judging from the fact they are driving on the wrong side of the road, I'm going to guess New Zealand.

This might be the mountain monastery used in the new Karate Kid movie - the place with all the locks.

Utah doesn't have a hole-in-the-rock, this place does. I wish I knew where this was.

Wonderfully precarious. I'm pretty sure this is somewhere in China.

Seems like a rather fun roller-coaster road to me.

Less of an actual path, and more of a beautiful field of bluebells. Again, I would love to be caught reading a book here.

A farm road - somewhere. I rather like the contrast of colors on either side of the road.

This is the kind of road created to keep out the Visigoths.

Beautiful for the train passengers - rather an eyesore for beachcombers. What's this bridge doing in the middle of my pristine beach?!?

Forget about finding me reading a book here, I want to live next to this. The water is simply inviting.

The message I received contained the following text.

May the path your life
takes in the next year
lead you to fun and
adventure, love and
Have a Safe, Healthy and
Happy New Year!