Software Development

Some people have cigarettes, others have cocaine or meth, I have software development. I write code because I am physically compelled to do so. Here are a few things I am goofing with:

  • GIT Resources - the version control used by the Linux Kernel Dev. Me likey.
  • Subversion Resources - the 'other' version control. It's what all the non-kernel geeks are using.
  • Autotools Stuff - the (ugly) standard for building software on Linux
  • OpenFabrics Drivers - Kernel modules and lots of supporting packages for Infiniband hardware.
  • Web Development - Yes, I can't seem to keep myself away from writing web pages.
  • VIM Editor - It's like assembly language, but as an editor!
  • Arduino - Stuff about the Arduino Open Source Microcontroller
  • Deadlock Debugging - A simple tutorial on debugging deadlocks with gdb