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 +====== Service in The Iowa/Des Moines Mission ======
 +I served an LDS mission to the state of Iowa from May 1988 to May 1990.  I want to keep track of a few things here.
 +Places I've Served:
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​waterloo|Waterloo,​ Iowa]] - Trained by Elder M'Kay McGrath.
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​cedar_falls|Cedar Falls, Iowa]] - Just a short time with Elder Dodd
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​osceola| Osceola, Iowa]] - Down south, near Graceland (not that Graceland, silly), with Elder Barnard
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​des_moines|Des Moines, Iowa]] - In the Office with Elder Andre and Elder Britt Farrell
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​ames|Ames,​ Iowa]] - Training Elder Klepich during VEISHEA
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​rock_island|Rock Island, Illinois]] - On the river with Elder Loercher
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​mason_city|Mason City, Iowa]] - The Great White North with Elder Holman and Elder Barry Bickmore
 +  * [[jjolly:​church:​mission:​fort_dodge|Fort Dodge, Iowa]] - Finishing my mission in the middle of the state
 +Stuff that I have remembered:
 +  * 15 Nov 2009 - I had a curious dream about Elder Humphries and his wife.  She was shopping with my spouse in a craft store, and Humphries and I spent time reminiscing.