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=== External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set the link text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Em... s. External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set link text as well: [[|This Link points to google]]. Em
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. ===== Download ===== DokuWiki is available at ===== Read More ===== ... ] * [[doku>blogroll|What Bloggers think]] * [[|Compare it wit... * [[doku>requirements|System Requirements]] * [[|Download DokuWiki]] :!: ... ions (FAQ)]] * [[doku>glossary|Glossary]] * [[|Search for DokuWiki help an
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ds, I am teaching an assembly language class at [[|UVU]] and the class uses the [[|LC-3 machine... L ; And do it again </code> Special thanks to [[|Yale Patt]] of [[|The University of Texas at Austin
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image of Elder Jolly, I'll post them here. * [[ Arrivals]] - Look at all those fresh faces! * [[ ing Hard]] - Just on the edge of the image. * [[ y Studying]] - Looking overwhelmed already. * [[
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called ‘boot’. You may download them from here: his: root (hd0,0) kernel /boot/linux install= ackage. You can get all the gory details at the [[
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? * Things I hope to play with someday: * [[|Micropolis]] - A [[|Simcity-like]] game made by [[|Don Hopkins]] * [[|Daimonin]] - Open Source MMOR
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===== Have I told you recently how much I love [[|Linux]] and all the [[|GNU utilities]] that surround it? Sunday I ... esh, clean software. I had forgotten about the [[|Windows u
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ere are some documents that I find useful: * [[|VIM Doc]] - The main VIM document * [[|VIM S... ing]] - OMG! It's got a spell checker! * [[
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Take ====== Oy. I just spent some time on the [[|Bad As... ng through the comments on the blog post titled [[ tly Christians. He also goes on to mention the [[|Freedom From Religion Foundation]] and
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good websites giving the same information: * [[|... SEDS]] - Great description of the timespans * [[|Mars
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ous entities. Now I don't have an excuse: * [[|HTML 4 E... t. A bit hard to read, but it's all there. * [[
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o read along with my rather demented mind: * [[
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lly|John from Spanish Fork]] and serving in the [[|Oregon Portland miss
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ke Spiegle from Cowboy Bebop}}I am the owner of [[|]] and maintaine
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