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I have heard it takes around three days to get here, I will have to check on the package you sent me ... Shelly, we went over there last night and taught here, she said she doesn't feel like she is ready, b... s quite interested. We had a Book of Mormon for here and before we told here it was her's she asked if she could get it at the library. I guess that's a g
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me know. FIXME:I really should put contact info here. Here's a few of the things that interest me: * [[jjolly:family|My Family]] - My lovely lady and the... ds and Ends]] - Stuff that simply doesn't fit anywhere else I've also got a [[:blog:jjolly|blog]] here.
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as been a little bit harder just being thrown out here from home and not the MTC, but mostly from the te... food thats the only drawback there. Its good to here that you are FINALLY done with the wedding, you n... e in time. I just know I'm having a great time up here. ,Elder Jolly === Thoughts from Dad === Please
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. Again, I would love to be caught reading a book here. ---- {{:jjolly:misc:images:pathimage16.jpg|}} ... 19.jpg|}} Forget about finding me reading a book here, I want to live next to this. The water is simply
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will be posting letter received from Elder Jolly here. * [[tyler:letters:2011:08:10|10 August 2011]]... en I find an image of Elder Jolly, I'll post them here. * [[
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penance for my obvious act of slothfulness. So, here's what I did. One LC3 register was maintained fo... -bit was set), then I was done. Again, obvious. Here's the code I wrote in about 30 minutes at 11:00pm
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==== Email dated 14 November 2011 ==== Well I'm here in Oregon safe and sound. My P-days are on Monday ... ved</del> Tigar Oregon, 97224. Its nice and rainy here and the temperature is perfect. I will have to sa
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====== Starting Fresh ====== Here I go again. This time, I only blog what I'm up to, and provide [[:jj... ve a way to document my activities. The big deal here is that I am opening up the wiki to anyone named
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ch I have heard it takes around three days to get here, I will have to check on the package you sent me ... s like a good Monday evening conversation to have here at the Jolly Ranch. I am sad to see he has had a
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and other images can be configured and extended. Here is an overview of Smileys included in DokuWiki: ... acters to their typographically correct entities. Here is an example of recognized characters. -> <- <-
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o May 1990. I want to keep track of a few things here. Places I've Served: * [[jjolly:church:mission
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I also like to ... um ... modify church songs. Here's some of the imaginings of my heart: * [[jjol
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Congratulations, your wiki is now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get you started. Enjoy yo
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Everything I need to announce about Linux will go here, such as: * [[jjolly:linux:install:net|Install
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