Tyler's Weber March up on YouTube

I just posted the video taken by Lisa of The Spanish Fork High School Marching Band performance at Weber State University. I am far from musically proficient, so all I can say is that they seem to do pretty well, with a couple of glitches here and there. I like the choreography of the show, though. Their sneaky bit at the first is fun to watch in person. Kudos to my lovely spouse for a nice recording job.

I've always been amazed that I have two boys that are pretty good at the music. I've never been that much of a music performer. Back when Candy was my step-mom, I vaguely remember practicing the piano, or rather not practicing the piano while I was getting yelled at for amounting to nothing. I have many regrets about my childhood, but that one probably stands out the most. I still wish I could play, and occasionally peck at the piano that sits next to me nearly all day, but to no lasting usefulness. I need to work on my physical fitness before I can spend time learning to play an instrument, though.

Enough whimpering. I'm very happy that my two oldest boys have become proficient in the instruments of their choice. Tyler is quite the drummer, and his dedication is admirable. Aaron is amazing at the Cello, and I am highly impressed at how he challenges himself without any coaxing from his parents. They're both good kids and I'm very happy to be their father.

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