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 +====== Starting Fresh ======
 +Here I go again. ​ This time, I only blog what I'm up to, and provide [[:​jjolly|links to the content]]. ​ This was my set-up-DocuWiki experience, and it wasn't too bad.  I've decided to add [[blog:​jjolly|blogging]] to the site, as well as normal wiki, just so I can have a way to document my activities.
 +The big deal here is that I am opening up the wiki to anyone named John Jolly. ​ It has been altogether too selfish of me, hogging this domain name all to myself. ​ Now if your name is John Jolly, you can create content under your domain name.  I'm not charging or putting up ads or anything. ​ Send me an email and I'll get you an account.
 +So there you have it, I'll start writing regularly and I'll try not to pollute my blog with too much [[jjolly:​linux:​install:​net|technical babble]].