New Semester - CS1400 C#

Well here I go again. This time I will not be teaching my regular CS2810, but rather the CS1400: C# class. For me this ought to be fun. I have used C# for various small tasks, and I believe I will do just fine teaching this class. The big difference now will be the students I will be teaching. Normally in CS2810 I am teaching students that have been in the program for a couple of years and have a little background with logic and programming. All I am doing for them is filling in the gap between transistors and code.

This semester the students I will be teaching will range from the experienced to the first-timer. This is usually a challenge but I also tends to be a wonderful experience as people realize just how excellent programming can be. I absolutely enjoy the “Aha” moment that comes to people experiencing programming for the first time. I really look forward to seeing that this semester.



MattMatt, 2011/05/26 05:17

I spoke with you about Masters of Orion II. I was just wondering what your best high score is. As of today. I got 3178 on average with a custom race.

Thanks for telling me about I really do love that game one of the great ones. It would be wonderful to play a newer version of the game. I recall you said the third one was not as good. Well maybe somewhere Master of Orion IV is on it's way…

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