Another odd bit of my history

This morning as I was preparing for my Sunday, I overheard my two youngest boys chatting about a stuffed animal they had named “Hoppy” and it reminded me…

When I was 9 or 10 my years-old my Uncle Marvin owned a very large German Shepherd. This dog was a monster. I didn't walk the dog … it walked me. During our irregular outings, I would attempt to avoid contact with other dogs by crouching low with this German Shepherd in the high grass beside the road. I was terrified of what could possibly happen if that German Shepherd got into a fight with another dog with me attached to the leash. Whenever I was asked (edit: commanded) to walk the dog, a lump of fear would rise in my throat. I did not like to walk that dog.

The name of that dog was “Hoppy”. Ahh, happy childhood memories.

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